How to Fill in the OMR Answer Sheet

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How to Fill in the OMR Answer Sheet


1. Before Filling OMR Sheet, the Candidate should remember one thing that OMR sheets are
evaluated by computer software. This software is very sensitive and can only read properly
filled black coloured bubbles. Do not tamper or scratch the OMR sheet. Only provide the
required information in the OMR sheet.

2. Specific spaces or boxes are provided in the OMR sheets to fill the required information like
Roll Number, Test Booklet No. and Test Booklet Code and do not write anything else on the
OMR sheets or do not make any specific symbol or sign. This can lead to the rejection of the
OMR Sheet.
a. The candidate has a 10 digit Roll Number. The correct way to fill the Roll
Number is mentioned in the following example. Roll Number will be mentioned
in the Admit Card.

b. The Candidate should ensure that 7 digit Test Booklet No. has been filled and
marked correctly.

3. In the OMR Sheet, write the Candidate’s Name, Father’s Name, and Mother’s Name (in running
handwriting) in the Name column as given in the following box.

4. The test is of 3 hours duration and the Test Booklet contains 200 multiple-choice questions (four
options with a single correct answer) from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Botany and Zoology). 50
questions in each subject are divided into two Sections (A and B) as per details given below:
a) Section A shall consist of 35 (Thirty-five) Questions in each subject (Question Nos – 001 to
035, 051 to 085, 101 to 135, and 151 to 185). All questions are compulsory.
b) Section B shall consist of 15 (Fifteen) questions in each subject (Question Nos – 036 to 050,
086 to 100, 136 to 150, and 186 to 200). In Section B, a candidate needs to attempt any 10
(Ten) questions out of 15 (Fifteen) in each subject.

5. Do not fill in more than one option for any of the questions because there is only one answer,
which is the most appropriate for all the questions.

6. The candidates are required to sign with time (in running handwriting) in the declaration column.

7. Make sure that the CODE printed on the OMR Answer Sheet is the same as that on the Test Booklet.
In case of discrepancy, the candidate should immediately report the matter to the Invigilator for
replacement of both the Test Booklet and the Answer Sheet.

8. In case of any discrepancy for a particular language, only the English version will be considered as
the final version.

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