MBBS in Georgia

MBBS in Georgia

Benefits of MBBS in Georgia

MBBS in Georgia

  • No entrance exam
  • 6 Years MBBS Program with USMLE Teaching Pattern.
  • English is the language of instruction for Georgia’s MBBS programmes.
  • International bodies like the World Health Organization and UNESCO accept the MBBS and MD degrees from Georgian medical colleges.
  • The facilities are well equipped with excellent technology and infrastructure


MBBS in Georgia

MBBS in Georgia , Georgian Sakartvelo, Transcaucasian land situated on the southern flanks of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, at the eastern end of the Black Sea. 

It is surrounded by Russia to the north and northeast, Azerbaijan to the east and southeast, Armenia and Turkey to the south, and the Black Sea to the west. Georgia comprises three ethnic enclaves: Abkhazia, northwest (the main town of Sokhumi); Ajaria, southwest (the main town of Bat alumni); and South Ossetia, North (the main town of Tskhinvali). Georgia’s capital is Tbilisi, (Tiflis).

Covering an area of about 69700 sq. The nation has a population of approximately 3720400 kilometres as reported in 2016 and a density of approximately 53,5. The nation has the capital city ‘ Tbilisi,’ which is also the country’s largest city and is situated on the banks of the Mtkvari watercourse.

MBBS in Georgia -The nation is the Council of Europe member and has a richness of culture and traditions.

MBBS in Georgia Fees Structure

Georgian University

Shota Rustaveli State University, Batumi


Tbilisi State Medical University

New Vision University, Georgia

Georgian National University (SEU)

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University MBBS in Georgia

Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

ALTE University

Georgian American University

New vision university in georgia

East European University


David Tvildiani Medical University


MBBS in Georgia – Georgia has completed 100 percent of literacy effectively and is considered the best place in the world to study medicine. Georgia’s medical colleges are the elite and the best choice for any student looking to study MBBS abroad.

The admission process for MBBS in Georgia is easy and hassle-free for studying at Medical College in Georgia. No entrance test is required for the students as The entry is based on the marks received in Class 12. After you have finished your Georgian MBBS, you will apply directly for a screening test to get a license to practice. Medical universities and colleges in Georgia offer high-quality, affordable education relative to other foreign countries. The facilities and amenities that the students receive are world-class.

Georgia’s medical colleges have achieved worldwide recognition and offer high infrastructure and education standards. Georgia’s educational universities are valued by both the NMC and WHO. The students who receive MBBS in Georgia are eligible to work anywhere in the world.

MBBS in Georgia

Climate and Food

The summers in Georgia are warm and mostly clear; the winters are long, cold, and partly cloudy; and it’s dry all year. Usually, the temperature ranges from 28 ° F to 88 ° F over the year and is never below 20 ° F or above 97 ° F.
The highest culinary difference occurs between the east and west areas. In the west, the most importance is placed on vegetarian food, cooked primarily with walnuts. Herbs and spices render Western Georgian food hot and spicy, particularly tarragon, basil, coriander, Grec leaf, and pepper. Cheese is generally made from cow’s milk and is consumed either with cornbread or porridge of corn and flour. Khachapuri is popular, a kind of cheese pizza. Perfect place to study MBBS in Georgia.


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