About Alte University

About Alte University

Tbilisi Open University with more than 20 years of history in the educational market stepped into the new phase with the new brand, name, and concept.

ALTE University is a new name of Tbilisi Open University. It is an innovative educational institution where people set ambitious goals and achieve them.

University’s mission is to equip students with knowledge and skills essential for creating sustainable value for themselves and society by modern standards of teaching, encouraging critical thinking, supporting creativity, and emotional intelligence.

Alte University at a Glance The ultramodern new campus in the center of the city is perfectly equipped according to students’ needs. This modern, vibrant learning environment houses superb facilities, including the latest teaching technology, student workspaces, conference rooms, and simulation labs. 

Georgia - At a Glance

✓ Capital: Tbilisi
✓ Population: 3.7 million
✓ Time Zone: GMT +4
✓ Official language: Georgian
✓ Currency: Georgian Lari
✓ Safety Index: 79.79
✓ Cost of living
• Local transport (one way) – 0.15$
• Taxi 1km – 0.3 $
• Basic Utilities monthly (up to 85m2
Apartment) – 57 $
• Rent (1 bedroom apartment) – 200-300$

Alte University – At a Glance

✓ Fully authorized institution with internationally
recognized diploma
✓ Located in the center of Tbilisi (Capital of Georgia)
✓ Newly constructed campus and modern infrastructure
✓ 2,100 Students & 2,350 Alumni
✓Students from 12 countries
✓ Best faculty staff with professional practitioners
✓ Student To Faculty Ratio: 15:1
✓ 4 Schools:
• International School of Medicine
• School of Business
• Law School
• School of Humanities & Social Sciences
✓Memorandum signed between Bharath
Institute of Higher Education and Research and Alte University.

School of Medicine - At a Glance

Two Programs:
• Medical Doctor
• Dentistry
✓ 2 intakes per year: Spring & Fall intake
✓ 360 ECTS/12 semester (6 Years)
✓ Teaching language: English
✓ Strategic alliance with the largest healthcare providers in Georgia
✓ Access to the best clinical facility and medical faculty
✓ Unique opportunity of getting practical experience during the studying process

Accreditation and International recognition

✓Recognized by World Federation for Medical
Education (WFME)
✓Member of the European Association for Quality Assurance
in Higher Education (ENQA)
✓Member of an Association of Medical Education in Europe
✓Recognized and approved by National Medical Commission (NMC)

Teaching methods and activities

Lecture –is interactive the main purpose of which is to convey the basic essence of learning
materials, and critically analyze the facts and ideas.
✓ Working in groups – The method is comprised of the discussions in small groups ensuring that
the students understand the learning materials given in the textbooks more effectively.
✓ Discussion – The method lets the students improve their skills of debating and
substantiating/reasoning their own ideas.
✓ Explanatory – is based on the discussion around the given issue. The lecturer brings the
specific examples while explaining the materials. The detailed analysis of the examples is
made in the framework of the given topic.
✓ Problem-based learning (BPL) – helps the student not only with acquiring knowledge but
also improves the skills of effective communication, group work, problem-solving,
independent learning, information sharing, etc. The students work in small groups together
with the facilitator on the series of clinical problems.
✓ Case Study – The course leader together with students discuss the specific cases, which help
to study the topic thoroughly. The process helps the students improve their critical thinking
and analyzing skills.
✓ Practical method – implies learning by-doing that helps students develop their skills. It is
basically used while teaching clinical.
✓ Inductive method –implies conveying any kind of subject knowledge when in the learning
process the chain of thoughts are oriented from the specific facts to the generalization.

Student services & Student life

Ø Career & student success center
Ø Language clubs
Ø Cultural & art clubs
Ø Student buddy services for freshmen
Ø Thematic entertainment events organized by the university

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