Popular Medical College

About Popular Medical College

About Popular Medical College

Popular Medical College was established in 2010. Popular Medical College has already, attained an enviable status for its outstanding care in preparing the students for their MBBS course.

Popular Medical College is placed in a prime location of Dhaka City. Most of the civic facilities are situated within 5 km. radius of the college. The college campus is easily connected by all types of transport and is within a very short distance from good dinning and shopping centers.

The college has a well-furnished residential hostel for the students situated near the college with a dining hall and provisions for dining in groups. Popular Group is the only State of the Art total health care provider of the country in the private sector.

Bangladesh - At a Glance

✓ Capital: Dhaka
✓ Population: 164.7 million
✓ Time Zone:  (GMT+6)
✓ Official language:  Bengali
✓ Currency:  Bangladeshi taka
✓ Safety Index: 91st
✓ Cost of living
• Local transport (one way) – 0.47$
• Taxi 1km –0.47$
• Basic Utilities monthly (up to 85m2
Apartment) – 41.97 $
• Rent (1 bedroom apartment) -120$

Popular Medical College – At a Glance

✓Quality Assured medical curriculum overviewed by the National Quality Assurance Body (NQAB) of Bangladesh.
✓ placed in a prime location of Dhaka City(Capital of Bangladesh)
✓ campus easily connected by all types of transport also a well-furnished residential hostel
✓ A state-of-the-art academic infrastructure run by full time highly qualified, experienced, and efficient teachers.
✓ Wide range of food items, which is essentially balanced, nutritious, healthy, and subsidized.
✓ Managed by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.
✓ Education system monitored by high-Quality Assurance Body
✓ students assistance center – designed to help students

School of Medicine - At a Glance

Two Programs:
• Bachelor of Medicine
• Bachelor of Surgery
✓ Recognized degree by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BD & MC).
✓ The 5-year course along with 1-year internship compulsory
✓ Teaching language: English
✓ Affiliated with Dhaka University as a constituent college.
✓ Access to the best clinical facility and medical faculty
✓ Air-conditioned lecture halls with well-equipped laboratories also library rich in the quality of books.

Accreditation and international recognition

✓Listed with World Health Organization (WHO)
✓Listed with International Medical Education Directory (IMED)
✓Affiliated with Dhaka University as a constituent college.

Student Life and activities

PMC Photography Club– The mission of this club is to improve the photography skills of the members and capture all the important moments related to Popular Medical College.   

✓ Annual Picnic–Popular Medical College organizes an annual picnic for the students, teachers & non-teaching staff to rejuvenate the mind to boaster the mood and to bring diverse culture students in a single platform

Cultural Evening– Popular Medical College organizes a cultural show every year performed by the students and teachers.

Annual Scientific Exhibition–The day-long exhibition is open to medical students, doctors, and guardians. Judges are invited from other medical institutes to visit the stalls, interview the students and recommend awards. The main aim of the program is to provide a platform for the students to display their talents in the field of medical science 

Annual Cultural Competition & Annual Games– To motivate, upgrade and add more value to the social behavior of the students, Popular Medical College emphasizes cultural programs.

Annual Prize and Certificate Distribution Ceremony– Prize and certificates are given to the students of PMC for their excellence in different fields of academic activities.

Teaching Method

  • The college encourages friendly tutorship exhibiting professionalism in medical education to maintain the highest respect for discipline and rules.
  •  The program emphasizes small group teaching, integrated teaching, and problem-based learning in addition to the traditional lecture classes.
  •  Community-based learning is an integral part of the academic program.
  •  The college undertakes to impart knowledge to its students also stresses character development and building moral values. Eg. human responsibilities, respect and appreciation to others to produce socially responsible persons of the community. 
  • The college encourages personal values to enable every student to develop confidence and self-awareness and the grit of determination to succeed. 
  • The college organizes a program in the name of “Meet the Legend” . Here the students and the interns have an opportunity to meet and interact with senior highly distinguished personalities of the profession and hear their noble words of wisdom.

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