Saratov Medical University

Saratov Medical University

The Saratov State University of Medicine named after V. I. Razumovsky is an innovative institution that has a great past and continues to expand strongly. For over a hundred years, a highly trained specialist who is specialists in the claim of fame has passed on from our college and is working actively to promote medical research and human services. You will get the most conceptual knowledge in our class, but in addition, you will build up invaluable skills to ensure your success in your chosen call.

Saratov State Medical University’s MBBS, BDS, MD, MS degrees are fully accredited by the Medical Council of India (MCI), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Directory of International Medical Education (IMED), the United States Department of Education and the Great Britain General Council of Medicine.

Study and practice

The University academic staff consists of renowned Russian Federation scientists and academics.
More than 100 science doctors, professors, about 200 assistant professors and over 300 assistants are currently employed at the departments. More than 400 clinical department professors bear high academic credential.

The University offers outstanding research and work conditions for the professors. Annually, academic staff engage in major international medical conferences and conduct research internships abroad. Many SSMU professors often work as professionals and they regularly develop their professional skills and share it with students thanks to this experience. Among winners and competitors in technical skill competitions, there are often professors from SSMU.
Given good facilities, efficient teaching methods and distinctive clinical and research experience, a reputable SSMU is especially popular and highly demanded among students. SSMU is an entirely practice-oriented university, so all students must undergo research and clinical internship in one of the numerous hospitals in Saratov. Practical competence centres and rooms fitted with advanced patient simulators and training models as well as special medical multimedia services are free for students to use.

Students deal a lot with actual patients and thanks to 4 university hospitals, they can get invaluable knowledge about the accomplishments of modern medicine. H.R. Mirotvortsev Clinical Hospital is regarded as a major clinical centre of the University. It is a modern multifunctional hospital that applies the academic approach to its operations.


The medical staff at the hospital comprises more than 1 700 employees, there are 1 050 approved beds, of which 440 are for children. The hospital operates diagnostic and treatment department, research labs, department of drug-free modalities and recovery, cabins of hemodialysis. The hospital complex also includes an outpatient clinic and a dental care clinic. Workers at the hospital offer all forms of care for newborn patients in 28 high-demand medical specialities (elective care, emergency and primary health care, consultative care). In addition, students will do their internships at Saratov Ministry of Health’s academic hospitals, as well as at other hospitals.

MBBS Fees at Saratov Medical University 2020

 Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
 Tuition Fee$5200$3500$3500$3500$3500$3500

Final Cost for 6 Years Including Tuition Fees, Accommodation(₹) = 19,50,200 Rs.

(1$= 70 Rs)

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