Sai Ram Education Consultancy, or SREC, is a top notch educational consultancy in India that prides itself on providing the right stepping stones to students who want to make a career by enrolling in a college and course of their choice. Career Counseling in on the rise and it is understandable if students feel a bit overwhelmed with the multitude of options before them.


Education Counseling

Application Process

We will help you to collect the necessary documents on time.

➢ Certification Fees (Apostille & Indian Solicitor).

➢ Legalization of documents at the respective Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the
country that you have applied to.

➢ Translation of admission documents.

➢ Submission of documents in person to:
• The University’s local Ministry of Education.
• The University’s local Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
• The university.

➢ Guaranteed Entry (provided there is no entrance exam).

➢ Continuous application tracking.

Formalities for education

Pre-departure Process

Pre-departure Briefing for students applying to a specific University 

➢ Documents required to submit to get a visa.
Pre-departure Briefing for students applying to a specific
University (organized at our offices before the Relocation to
the University City)

➢ Opportunity to network with other students that will be
studying at the same University. We will provide important
information on the agenda before your departure.

➢ List of items to do before you leave your home country.

➢ For the tuition fee payment, you will be given exact University Bank account details. We will also monitor the payment process to ensure its smooth completion as
occasionally differences may arise due to currency exchange fluctuations.

➢ Foreign Exchange

➢ Local Guardianship in case of minior



Visa Application

Advice on the application process to get your visa.

➢ Advice on the application process to get your visa.

 ➢ Book an appointment with the respective embassy in New Delhi to submit your documents. 

➢ Fill in the necessary application forms that the embassy requires. ➢ Co-ordinate the applicant on the day of the appointment to submit the necessary documents. 

➢ Provide updates. 

➢ Visa and Passport Pick up from the Respective Embassy in New Delhi. 

Travelling Assistance for students


Guidance and help in exchanging funds to local currency.

➢ Airport pick-up and transfer service.

 ➢ Guidance and help in exchanging funds to local currency.

 ➢ Registration at the University

 ➢ Assistance for a local Residence Permit Card. (TRC)

Help to Students

Ongoing Support

Our local team will provide ongoing help and support 

➢ Our local team will provide ongoing help and support for
the entire duration of studies in case of an emergency or
any academic issues that might arise.

➢ Bi-monthly follow ups on a personal basis to ensure that
all is running smoothly.

Medical Degree indian students

After Graduation

Support  to FMGE

➢ Support to pass the Foreign
Graduate Examination (FMGE) by providing you Satellite Classes.

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11 Ways we Can Help You

Today’s student’s life has the entire universe of chances and opportunities in front of them. From Scientists to Engineers to Chartered Accountants to Entrepreneurs to Artists, they can be anything they want.
Most students end up deciding their course streams and careers simply on the basis of what their parents and their friends want to do. Even the ones who think for themselves normally select a career option based on how popular they are as per current trends.
The reality is that each student has a unique personality that can thrive in particular environments and careers, but not so much in others. All you need to do is identify those career options that you will prosper and succeed in, while also ensuring that they meet your interests and desires.
The team SREC understands the student’s personality and study his/her attributes, skills, interests and weaknesses. On the basis of the study, the team SREC will then guide the student towards a particular career and admission process, suggesting possible options.

In today’s world, there are wide number of career choices ranging from medicine to mass communications, engineering to event management, marine biology to information technology, culinary arts to music.
where technologies are booming there are lots of opportunities with various fields where one can make a better career so, SREC provides best guidance and counseling to parents and students to provide complete information about courses in India and Abroad.

SREC has first hand admissions committee experience at top colleges in the world, giving them a thorough understanding of the various criteria for admissions across various universities, strewn across continents. 
Students are often under the misconception that once they fail to get in a college of their choice, they have lost their chances of admission forever, not realizing that there are even better options elsewhere about which they were completely ignorant. Even meritorious students fail to make an impression with the committee at times, not because of their lack of knowledge in their subject, but purely due to their failure of answering other circumstantial questions which vary from region to region. SREC can give the students a clear idea about what to expect and with the cut- throat competition out there and limited seats on offer, students need all the help they can get to make an impression.

Choosing a university abroad for higher examinations requires sufficient direction and expert Advice so that competitors can zero down on a well-suited nation, college and course. Our counselors have one to one sessions with the students to find out what university is best for them.

Sairam Education Consultancy guides you towards the correct decision that best suits your and educational and financial background, ambition and preference. We have an experienced research team that guides you personally with information regarding all the universities, criteria and processes.

Very experienced monetary consultants at SREC, compute for you a foreseen expense of study, living and staying costs alongside charge structure of the colleges you wish to apply to. Our guides consider your enthusiasm to put resources into training while giving nation, college and course alternatives. You can likewise get subtleties on grant openings and help for financing your training.

SREC Helps the students to file the appropriate documents as per their selected university requirements.

Travel Visas are required to gain entry to most of the nations around the globe. For example, you will require a visa to the USA, Canada, England, China, Australia, the Middle East, just to give some examples of the prevalent goals.

There are a couple of specific nations that essentially require an accessible Visa page in your present Passport to be stepped at the air terminal upon landing, however, one should secure a Travel Visa before withdrawing from India.

Because of colossal change in the airfare in view of the obtrusive challenge between plane carrying warships in the worldwide market nowadays, flying in an appropriate aircraft is a point not to disregard. Because of high varieties in the airfare, picking the right aircraft for voyaging spares a great deal of your examination abroad expense. Notwithstanding utilizing the advantageous and moderate neighbourhood transport while concentrating in the host nation will drop down your expense of voyaging. This includes more reserve funds when putting resources into instruction. Travel guides at SREC administer you with exhaustive travel data to achieve your investigation abroad mission.

Your family is most stressed when you are a huge number of miles away. SREC is related with those 300+ instruction Institutions overall which are set up in the world’s most secure nations to study, proclaimed by UNESCO. These are Georgia, US, Armenia, China, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and numerous others. Safe condition amid study causes you to proceed with a calm instruction while getting a charge out of the remote life.

Selecting the right type of Accommodation abroad can be a testing undertaking, particularly when you need to remain in quality however moderate convenience and the financial backing to spend on convenience is restricted. Every nation offers multitudinous choices that will bolster your accounts. Nonetheless, picking the convenience that likewise factors in the best access to transport and employment area is basic as this can incredibly influence your spending portion by as much as 20%. Shockingly, these investment funds can be demonstrated as a ‘smaller than usual grant’. Our accommodation advisors outfit you with adequate data about the reasonable convenience and furthermore help you by giving senior Student contacts which were sent in past admissions by SREC to think about abroad.

Top Counselling Sessions by SREC Expert Counselors

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  • Daily Online Counselling (Webinar)
  • Personal Counseling 
  • Tele-Counseling from 10 AM to 6 PM(Daily)

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