• The MBBS degree does not exist in the US. Instead, universities award an MD (Doctor of Medicine) through their medical schools. It takes 4-years. To enter medical school in The US you need to have a 4-year bachelor’s degree. But, having a bachelor’s does not guarantee admission to medical school.
  • Students need a high-grade point average and MCAT score (MCAT is a standardized test). In total, that’s 8 -years of study.

How to do MBBS/MD in the USA

  • To get direct admission for MBBS in the USA, the student should have studied the Pre-Medical course leading to the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) program before attempting to study further in medical colleges in the USA. The medical education system is well defined by USMLE (Unites States Medical Licensing Examination).

MBBS/MD in the USA

Every year, plenty of students from the USA and international arena give MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), an entrance exam for MBBS in the USA to get admission to top medical colleges in the USA. 

There are more than 350+ medical universities in the USA.AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) monitors and releases exam scores.

  • The US government funds the bachelor-level MD program thus it costs you lesser. However, just like India, it is highly competitive to get through MCAT. All the local students give this exam to get admission to the top medical schools in the USA. Accordingly, getting an MCAT score to get into the state medical universities is also the aim of every American appearing for the MCAT. You can give MCAT after completion of the Pre-Medical course. It is a tricky and expensive road map to pursue MBBS in the USA. 


Eligiblity to get Admission for MD Program in USA :

  • Before any international student applies to medical colleges in the US we should guarantee that they have finished graduation.
  • The doctors earn US$ 3,500 to US$ 5,500 during residency in USA (4 Years) making the total cost of the program as ZERO! Due to the Residency being paid, the entire MBBS in America fee structure is earned back at PG level. This way, MBBS in USA for Indian student’s fees becomes less than Indian costs.
  • This is the most widely recognised requirements for the Medical Colleges in the US which may change with some medical Colleges. The students must have studied science courses in their graduation stream.
  • MCAT – Medical College Admission Test The applicant must also become qualified in the MCAT.
  • From 23rd April, 2016, the government of India has notified that “NORI” (No obligation to Return to India” certificate will not be issued by them if you choose to pursue MBBS in India and MD in USA. Accordingly, it is better to pursue the program in medical colleges USA, right from the Bachelor level.

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