Tips to shine in NEET 2022

In a pragmatic battle for admission to over 1.5 lakh seats at major medical and dental institutes across the country, NEET receives over 16 lakh applications each year, indicating fierce rivalry.

As per the latest guidelines of the Union Health Ministry, now the NEET exams are postponed by 6-8 weeks which were slated to be held in March this year. Medical aspirants should increase their preparation tactics for this year's harder competition with only a few months left to prepare.

To succeed at NEET, you'll need a well-thought-out work schedule that covers the full curriculum promptly.


Improve your physics skills to succeed in NEET

  • Physics, chemistry, and biology are the three disciplines that the NEET UG Exam covers (Botany and Zoology); 180 questions must be answered in three hours, with total marks remaining unchanged (720).
  • The syllabus includes Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, and Biology, and it covers the whole NCERT curriculum for Classes 11 and 12. For each accurate response, candidates receive four points, while for each incorrect response, they receive one point.
  • Given the high stakes of the NEET-UG exam amid the pandemic, applicants must avoid worry and anxiety while studying. Rather than beginning from scratch, effective preparation focuses on overcoming stress and focusing on revision.
  • For many aspirants, clearing the Physics topic for NEET applicants may be a daunting endeavor because of the large range of theoretical and quantitative numerical difficulties involved.
  • While the learning technique may benefit students in NEET Biology if biology is their primary stream, if physics is their primary stream, the study plan's lack of a practical edge may prevent you from applying the principles to problem-solving.
  • Physics students should prep for all topics at once. The most significant component in succeeding in NEET is having a well-thought-out work plan that covers the entire curriculum promptly.


Aspirants should complete the checklist of preparedness to achieve success in the forthcoming NEET 2022 exam by following the recommendations below.

1. The prime focus should be on NCERT           

The NCERTs should be the primary source of information, and they should not be overlooked. NCERT books are the greatest material to start your study because they will provide you with a firm understanding of ideas. It's also worth noting that 60-70 percent of the NEET test is based on NCERT books.

2. Maintain a revision timetable              

The most significant component in determining performance when the clock is ticking is revision. Regardless of the successive lockdowns, serious applicants should have finished the syllabus and started revising the crucial topics by now.

Simply review the previously learned subjects and chapters while revising the chapters to ensure that you remember them for longer.

Aspirants can improve their conceptual and topical clarity by creating and keeping to a systematic review strategy, helping them to perform better and rank higher.

When faced with a range of mathematical and numerical issues, learning formulae is one of the best strategies to obtain an advantage in physics. If you're short on time, keep a small handwritten list of formulas and go over it every day.

3. Rather than memorizing information, focus on conceptual clarity

When working through challenging topics in physics and chemistry, if the concepts are clear, it is possible to come up with the correct answers.

If you have any uncertainties, consult your teachers, mentors, and classmates. You may inquire as many times as you wish. It's an excellent habit to form because asking questions always clears up any confusion.

4. More and more sample papers and last year's mock exams should be practiced

Practice tests help the aspirants better grasp the concepts and topics with keeping the current trends of the NEET exam.

It helps in analyzing the real-time performance of the aspirants which is very beneficial in highlighting their mistakes that can be avoided on the exam day

5Prioritize time management

If you spend too much time on questions that make you uncomfortable, you won't have enough time to solve the easier ones.

So, when practicing mock tests, also pay attention to your problem-solving skills. When determining the test results, not only the right strategy but also time management is important.

Therefore, practice enough to quickly adapt to the level of the role and be able to act quickly.


In determining an aspirant's rank, the correct plan and time management are crucial. The following months should be used judiciously to revise, maintain speed and precision while answering a specific problem, and identify and correct weaker areas.