Safdarjung Hospital to train junior doctors in surgeries via remote

NEW DELHI: Safdarjung Hospital's urology department has introduced teleproctoring - a technique that involves remote supervision using telecommunication - to train junior doctors in Tier II and III cities in surgeries. Dr. Anup Kumar, head of the department and professor of urology, claimed this is the first time the technique is being deployed in a government hospital in India.

As part of the initiative, the department is using a software called Proxima. "With this software, I don't have to be in the operation theatre and can supervise a team of juniors from my chamber during surgeries. We will be able to train and guide other doctors living in other cities during operations through this. We neither have to be physically present with them nor do they need to travel here (to Delhi) to learn.

This will save both time and money," Dr. Kumar said. While the first trial took place in the last week of January, the second is scheduled for Wednesday. "The third and final trial will happen by the end of February or early March, after which we will officially launch it. We plan to reach out to doctors and medical institutes based in Tier II and III cities and towns. Talks have started with other urologists as well," said Dr. Kumar, who is also an expert in robotic surgery. "The purpose of this initiative is to train surgeons based in remote areas. Going forward, it will be beneficial, especially during Covid times.

This is a new training and teaching tool and there is no impact on patients. It works better in emergency cases as a senior doctor can advise anywhere," Dr. Kumar said. Four years ago, the hospital's urology department was also the first in the country to launch a website offering a live telecast of surgeries across the globe. Through an inbuilt system, a link has been created which can be used by anyone in the medical field to learn how surgeries are conducted.