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About BGC Trust Medical College

 In the year 2002, BGC Trust Medical College was established. The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare approved Its academic activities. College affiliation with Chattagram Medical University and Chattagram University.

Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BM&DC) Accredited The BGC Trust Medical College. BGC Trust Medical College is recognized as a center of excellence in teaching and patient care at the national and international levels.

Every year 100 undergraduate students join this institute to obtain their MBBS degree. Many students of this University are now renowned physicians at home and abroad. The College also offers postgraduate training in most of the broad specialties.

Bangladesh- At a Glance

✓ Capital: Dhaka
✓ Population: 164.7million
✓ Time Zone: (GMT+6)
✓ Official language: Bengali
✓ Currency: Bangladeshi taka
✓ Safety Index: 91st
✓ Cost of living
• Local transport (one way) – 0.47$
• Taxi 1km –0.47$
• Basic Utilities monthly (up to 85m2
Apartment) – 41.97  $
• Rent (1 bedroom apartment) -120$

BGC Trust Medical College – At a Glanc

✓ Academic activities approved by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.
recognized diploma
✓ affiliated with the Chattagram Medical University and Chattagram University.
✓ Every year 100 undergraduate students join this institute to obtain their MBBS degree.
✓ college authority arranged a hostel for male students in the adjacent area to the campus at Chandanaish, “Mother Theresa Girl’s Hostel” for Female students
✓ Best faculty staff with professional practitioners
✓ 4 Schools:
• Schools of Medicine
• Department of English
• Law School
• School of Computer Science and Engineering 

School of Medicine - At a Glance

✓ BCPS recognized the post-graduate training under Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Gynae, and Obs.
✓ 5 Years Program with Internship 1 (One) Year
✓ Teaching language: English
✓Fully air-conditioned classrooms with closed-circuit televisions for lectures.
✓Well-equipped laboratories of various departments like Pathology, Biochemistry, etc.
✓classrooms with overhead projector, slide projector, and microphone system. with multimedia projectors and computers.

Accreditation and international recognition

✓Recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council
✓Enlisted in the World Directory of Medical Schools 
✓Recognized by World Health Organization, Students eligible to take the United States Medical License Examinations (USMLE).

Teaching methods and activities

Lecture – The main purpose is to make the lecture interactive to convey the basics of learning medicine, and critically analyze the facts and ideas.
✓ Group Projects– The method comprises discussions in small groups ensuring that the students understand the learning materials given in the textbooks more effectively.
✓ Discussion – The method lets the students improve skills of debating and substantiating/reasoning their ideas.
✓ Explanatory – is based on the discussion around the given issue. The lecturer brings specific examples while explaining the materials. A detailed analysis of the examples is made in the framework of the given topic.

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