About China

Located in East Asia, China is the second-largest state per land area in the world. China is a communist nation with a population of over 1,381 billion, and the most populous state in the world. 

China is a vast landscape with grasslands, deserts, mountain ranges, lakes, rivers and 14,500 kilometers of coastline.

 China shares its borders with India, Bhutan, Nepal and Burma. Beijing is China’s Capital. Shanghai-China’s largest city is the country’s global financial hub.

As regards GDP and Purchasing Power Parity, China is actually one of the fastest growing economies in the world. China is also the world’s largest importer and exporter of the products. 

The nation is a recognised nuclear arms country with the largest standing army in the world and the second largest defence budget.

The common language is Mandarin and standard Chinese characters.

Climate and Food

In China the climate varies from region to region. The country’s weather is often dry though rainy monsoons very sometimes prevail. Winters tend to be very cold and dry, and summers are mainly warm and humid.

A Chinese meal consists of two parts: staple food, generally made from rice, noodles or steamed buns, and ts’ai, meat and vegetable dishes. (It’s different from Western foods that use meat or animal protein as their main dish).


In terms of medical education China has made a great improvement. Health education in China has at present reached a wide international level. A lot of students from around the world come to China each year to obtain MBBS degrees. Medical universities and colleges in China offer high-quality education at much lower cost relative to other foreign countries. Students ‘ facilities are equivalent to those in European and other developed countries. China’s history is influenced by periods of antiquity. That results in a high respect for the country’s education.

Students pursuing their Chinese MBBS are taught Mandarin from the very first year of the course which helps them to communicate easily with the patients. The teaching language is english. Some academic colleges are offering internships, too.

The duration of MBBS course in China is six years, with a very low cost including an internship of one year.

Universities for Medicine Course/ MBBS in China

Jinan_University_Teaching_Building-1024x768 (1)

Jinan Medical University

Southwest Medical University

WhatsApp-Image-2020-01-29-at-17.19.05 (1)

Nanjing Medical University

Shantou University Medical College

Fujian Medical University​

Dali_University_Main-Campus-1024x816 (1)

Dali Medical University

Nanchang Medical University

Benefits of MBBS from China

The degree from these universities are accepted and recognised worldwide.

Students get to practice in well equipped hospitals which are associated with the universities themselves, so that the students can get a hands-on practice right from the very beginning.

The cost of the complete course of MBBS in China is quite affordable as compared to U.S., Korea, Japan and other European countries.

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