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About kharkiv International medical university

About Kharkiv International Medical University

Kharkiv International Medical University is in the TOP-10 best private higher education institutions, the first international medical university of the European level.

Today, a comprehensive system of multilevel continuous training of specialists is created at Kharkiv International Medical University. Advanced learning technologies, a clear organization of various activities, and well-established mechanisms for improving practical skills are introduced here. All these factors make an important contribution to strengthening the position of our University at the Ukrainian and international levels.

The University trains specialists in the field of preparation 22 “Health care” at the medical faculty specializing in “Medicine” (222), term of study – 6 years, form of study – full-time, KHMU has the highest IV degree of accreditation.

Nowadays, KhMMU is a university complex that meets European quality standards and provides students with ample opportunities for quality training. KMMU is a tradition multiplied by search, innovation, initiative. KMMU is the first international medical university in Ukraine. The high rank of the University of KMMU confirms the wide range of directions of educational and scientific activity.


According to research by a group of experts, Kharkiv is recognized as the best city to live in Ukraine. The metropolis with a population of 1,500,000 people topped the ranking of the five best cities. The evaluation criteria of each of the cities were: economic situation, quality of education, prospects for doing business, safety of life, wages, transport comfort, environmental situation, as well as the quality of municipal services. Kharkiv, over the past three years has shown rapid development. From other Ukrainian cities, the first capital differs significantly in its cleanliness, green areas and street lighting. Guests of the city and Kharkiv are satisfied with the number of cultural monuments, architecture, cultural and entertainment centers.

Teaching Faculty

The six-year medical studies in English allow students to enroll in the University directly from high secondary school. The program is designed for students who are strongly motivated, have a good command of both written and spoken English and interest in medical science.

Except for the fact that instructions, labs, lectures and examinations are conducted in English, the curriculum of the six-year medical studies in English is completely identical with the coursework pursued by Ukrainian medical students. Learning Ukrainian language is also available during the first two years of the program. Students are offered to learn Ukrainian in order to be able to communicate with the patients and in order to avoid the misunderstanding of the patients from the third year onwards.

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