About SREC Founder

About SREC Founder – From a small venture started by Mr. Sandeep Harsulkar, 26 years ago, SREC has grown from strength to strength  thanks to the patronage of  students and parents. Our passion!! To help Indian students to meet their MBBS career goals in India as well as overseas. We are a thoroughly professional organization with a strength of 3 Branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur and a large network of associate consultants all over India. From an unknown entity we have achieved the status, of the most experienced, considerable and admirable educational consultants. SREC as an organization offers best services to students and their parents.

Director of SREC.

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Mr. Sandeep Harsulkar is a visionary whose purpose in life is to ensure that no student is deprived of his /her desire of studying overseas, if they have the talent. As the Founder of Sai Ram Education Consultants, Mr. Harsulkar has been single-handedly responsible for changing the lives of hundreds of students round the year. Many students from India have a dream of making it big in the global arena and a degree from a reputed foreign university, which can give them the much needed boost.

Mr. Harsulkar has made this dream a reality with the assistance of reputed counselors from India and  abroad to help the students in their screening process. With his deep insight and fervor for excellence, this has become a reality. his quick understanding  that foreign education is not just about getting admission to a college, but also about living and traveling procedures, that had to be planned from a very fundamental level, his flare and desire has contributed to the growth of SREC and made it a one-stop destination for all those students who have dreamt of getting a medical or a management degree abroad, the journey continues  with an aim to help more and more students to fulfill their dreams.


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“Shaping the future of the students by giving the right guidance”

Educational choices are considered the most important decision in anyone’s life. The choice of university or course can decide one’s future. Despite the excessive information available over the internet, many students face challenges in deciding the correct path. The questions like how and when to apply for the university, which course is right for them, what are the requirements that need to be fulfilled, what is the deadline and the endless list of questions remain unanswered to many students and they tend to stay confused.

As Leaders & Experts for Medical Education Abroad SANDEEP HARSULKAR is Globally Accredited by


European Association for International Education (EAIE).
Accreditation No: 219236


Partners with federal government agencies, education bodies and community advocacies Accreditation No:00269264



World's Largest International Association Accreditation No: 224658